Kuka robot introduction

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KUKA is a world leader in robotics technology as well as industrial automation with more than 100 years of history. KUKA is a German brand with top quality and durability standards. KUKA robots are now available in many areas and around the world.

In Vietnam, Robot KUKA has been used in various industrial fields with the following functions: Pallet Load, Arc Welding, Machine Tool, Waterjet Cutting, Turning, Milling, … functional and multi-purpose of a six-axis robot system. The KUKA robot is versatile, of all types and sizes, suitable for all industrial automation systems. With the Kuka Robot based automation system, your productivity will easily increase by up to 50% and bring you much more profit.

Vision Equipment Co., Ltd is known as a solution consulting company and a supplier of automation equipment in Vietnam. We supply various types of robots in the KUKA brand industry with automatic production line functions. KUKA Robot we provide a wide range of functions, functions, durability, suitable for all harsh environments help you optimize production capacity. With a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, we are a robot company and always have industrial robot solutions to meet every need of our customers.


Palletizing and handling:

Application to pick up pallet with the ability to pick from 40kg to 1300kg, the maximum range of more than 3.2 meters. The KUKA robot has a six-axis design for increased flexibility in picking operations.

Used products, products are used in many industries including processing industry, food, production and transportation.


Arc Welding:

Arc welding of KUKA (MIG / MAG – TIG welding) is a combination of KUKA robot, Lorch welding source and Tbi welding torch from Germany. Robots can be welded in the most inaccessible places and the quality of welding is stable, beautiful, overcome the restrictions on people such as workmanship, health, ….

Machine Tool:

Control, use machine tool with KUKA robot. This application allows to exploit the full potential of the machine day and night, extending the operation time of the machine without additional labor. Using robots to improve productivity, lower production costs, and quick return of capital.

Foundry and Forging:

Due to its ability to operate in any environment, the KUKA robot is the number one choice for metalworking applications. The robotic arm protector with anti-corrosion, dust-proof, IP67 anti-dust V2A material will help you master any molding process with any material that maximizes productivity and minimizes costs.


KUKA Milling robot is a multi-axis machining system with the integration of the machining tool on the robot arm to extend the machining capability. This is the ideal choice for the sculpture industry. Robots are the perfect choice for heavy to heavy workpieces, which require high levels of hard work. Depending on the suitable milling head, robots can be machined on a variety of materials

WaterJet Cutting:

Waterjet process is the process of using water jet at high pressure, firing on the surface, breaking the geometrical structure of the material and forming a cut. With the versatile KUKA Robot, water jet machining will be more accurate and efficient.

And more…

With its versatile and versatile 6-axis, KUKA robot can carry many other automation solutions and in many different fields. In addition, the robot can be combined with other automation applications such as industrial cameras to add visualization to help robots work better.

Vision Equipment Company is a provider of automation solutions and solutions for many enterprises in Vietnam. We look forward to working with many other companies in different industries to help you improve productivity, increase productivity, optimize costs and maximize profits.

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